Istanbul, Turkey

Activities for Istanbul, Turkey

The Office of International Students organizes an information day at the beginning of the semester, with a party to follow, to give all new Erasmus and study abroad students an opportunity to come together to have a chance to meet. International Day is organized every May. Other activities commonly planned include: bowling nights, Istanbul sightseeing days, Turkish traditional meals, Bosphorus boat tours, museum visits, and Black Sea beach parties.

You are also encouraged to participate in the opportunities listed below.

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2017-18 App. Cycle

USAC Istanbul is on hold until Spring 2018.

Consider Haifa for Summer or Fall 2017 or another USAC program!


Summer: 2.5 GPA

Semester: 2.6 GPA and minimum sophomore standing

Program Type

Summer: Specialty

Semester: Partnership


Summer: US Credit

Semester: Overseas credit

Program Capacity