Program Highlights for Chiang Mai, Thailand

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  • Seeing the World through a Camera Lens and Hula Hoop

    Once you’ve caught the travel bug, there’s no getting rid of it. That’s what happened to our very own USAC alumni, Maria Jacobs and Grant Mallory. The couple spent a semester studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but it didn’t end there....

  • What’s on Your Bucket List? Round 7.

    Everyone has something they want to accomplish in their life. As we’ve seen in the previous weeks, it could be facing the Australian waves and surfing in Gold Coast, having your first face to face encounter with baby pandas, seeing a show at the...

  • Alumni Q&A: Maria – Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Maria Jacob studied abroad on USAC’s Chiang Mai, Thailand program in Fall 2013 and will be joining us at the USAC central office as part of our Summer Young Professionals. 1. Why did you choose the program that you did? I longed to go...

  • Thailand Program Now Offering Field Trip to Chiang Rai Province

    When I say, Thailand, do you think: delicious yellow curry, tropical humidity, Hangover 2? If you ask us, we’ll tell you there’s a lot more to Thailand than what you may think! Our staff abroad have been working hard to evolve the...

  • A Taste of Thailand: Deep Fried Spring Rolls Recipe

    If you know anything about Thailand, it’s likely to be the exotic cuisine. And sure enough our Chiang Mai, Thailand program serves a delicious — if we do say so ourselves — food cuisine course. Taking a page out of her recipe...

  • NEW Internship Opportunities in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    We are happy to announce even more reasons to make Chiang Mai, Thailand your next place to study abroad -internship opportunities. Starting in Spring 2015, students will have the opportunity to enroll in a three credit internship during our Chiang...

  • The Perfect Slice of Pai [Thailand]

    The Perfect Slice of Pai I have weighed this decision carefully and considered all the options, using prior knowledge and experience as well as universal laws and accepted norms. I have therefore come to this conclusion: I just had the best weekend...

  • Freshman Walk to Honor Tradition – Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Flash back to the founding of Chiang Mai University (CMU) in 1946, CMU freshmen students have participated in one of the most sacred and honorable traditions that is held every year. The tradition is well-known as the CMU Freshman Walk to Doi...

  • A Cultural Journey Through Thailand, Part IV

    Want to start from the beginning? Read Part I of Donielle Stevens’ blog from her semester abroad with USAC’s Chiang Mai, Thailand  program. Hill Tribe Trekking  The hill tribes in Thailand are often misunderstood among westerners, even...

  • Thailand: Buffalo Training Camp – Sustainable Development

    We were curious about Thailand’s Buffalo Training Camp, and were delighted to see that it’s become a popular piece to the Sustainable Development course offered to those studying in our Chiang Mai, Thailand program. Jum, our Thailand...

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