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Internships for Bilbao / Getxo, Spain

Qualified semester and year students of the Bilbao/Getxo program may apply to do an internship in the community. This field experience type internship is designed to complement the academic program. As a result, students receive academic credit but no financial compensation. The working schedule will be determined by the schedule of USAC courses and USAC will attempt to place students in a field related to the student’s interest. The student working in a Spanish-speaking environment must be able to communicate at an advanced language level (track IV or proficiency in Spanish). There are technical terms that the student will acquire on the job. Limited internship placements in an English-speaking environment with no need of fluency or knowledge of Spanish are also available. For those internships the transfer of credits is not guaranteed and interns will need to follow the proper approval procedures of their home universities.

Possible internship placements include: hotels, tourism offices, public library, retailers, non-profits, consulting firms, marketing firms, museums, software companies, marketing and consultancy agencies. Previous student placements include the following:

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilba
  • Instituto Joé Miguel de Barandiarán and Escuela Publica de Lamiako (Elementary and Secondary school)
  • GamePro (interactive entertainment provider for multi-platform gaming enthusiasts)
  • Villa Hederra (landscape planning & design company)
  • Inmobiliaria Chomon and Novia Salcedo, Oficina Internacional de Acogida de Estudiantes (state and non-governmental agencies)
  • Owasys, A & L Comunicacó, Lázaro Ituarte S.A., Sanchos & Asociados (marketing, communication and import/export companies)
  • Galdacano Hospital and Caritas Internationalis (health and science organization)
  • Bilbao Exhibition Center
  • Decathlon (a French multinational manufacturer and retailer of sports gear)
  • Sagues Komunikazio S.L. (a local movie producer)
  • Foreign Affairs Department of the Basque Government

If interested, you will apply after you have been accepted into the program; consult the Internship Opportunities and Application document on Student Gateway for more information. Requirements are: enrollment in the Bilbao/Getxo program; minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; junior standing at time of internship; and enrollment in Track IV or fluency in Spanish. A refundable fee of $100 is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internship.

Quick Details

App. Deadlines

Summer I or I & II: Apr. 1

Summer II: May 1

Fall or Year: June 15

Spring: Nov. 1


Minimum GPA: 2.5

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