It was very rewarding to being able to speak with local and students from around the world. It gave me a new perspective on life and I was able to dive into the culture.

Joseph Nardella
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Participant in Alicante, Spain


Program Highlights for Alicante, Spain

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  • The Two Sides of the Mediterranean!

    One of the amazing perks to studying abroad in Spain is the proximity to so many other places, people, and cultures for you to experience! One experience that has been a student favorite is our field study to Morocco offered through our Alicante...

  • Pictures Worth a Thousand Adventures

    Want to see what life is like around the world with USAC? If you haven’t checked out our Instagram, that’s the place to start! “Just Keep Swimming…” 🐠 📷: @taliapellegrino #australia #wherewillyougo A photo posted by...

  • 7th Annual International Short Story Contest

    Maybe you’ve been keeping a personal journal or blog, or you’ve wanted to write about your Spanish adventures and just haven’t been compelled enough to turn your thoughts into words? Here’s your golden opportunity to win...

  • Then and Now: Alicante, Spain to Oxford, England

    We love hearing about the many ways you can position yourself academically and professionally beyond your time with USAC! Here’s a great alumni happening from Debbie on where she’s off to next since studying abroad with us in Alicante...

  • A Valencian Adventure

    Lauren Hilty spent last Spring studying abroad in Alicante, Spain. But no trip is complete without adventures exploring the country and as Lauren explains, Valencia is definitely a place you’ll want to see!  As the third biggest city in Spain...

  • 5 Tips for Managing Spanish Visa Stress

    If you’re gearing up for your study abroad voyage to Spain – you may find yourself asking: You want my Spanish National Identity Number? Was that assigned at birth? It’s 2015, why can’t I just pay my visa fee with a credit card? You want...

  • The two sides of the Mediterranean: Morocco Field Study

    USAC offers a myriad of field studies to supplement what you learn in your courses abroad. In a way, we believe field studies — like the Morocco Field Study — are unique avenues to enrich your academic career abroad through living out...

  • Tetouan “the white dove” by Danielle Higgins

    Danielle Higgins from Colorado State University studying abroad in Alicante, Spain. Tétouan was of particular importance in the Islamic period, from the 8th Century onwards, since it served as the main point of contact between Morocco and Andalusia....

  • Women’s Association for the Visually Impaired and Blind in Morocco by Samuel Dichiara

    Written by Samuel Dichiara from Portland State University studying abroad in Alicante, Spain. When we were in the city of Chefchaouen, we visited an organization that helps the blind and visually impaired. The Women’s Association for the...

  • American Legation Museum by Savannah Wright

    Savannah Wright from University of Nevada, Reno studying abroad in Alicante, Spain. Before I was able to visit the American Legation Museum in Tangier, Morocco, I’m afraid I didn’t know very much of anything about the relationship...

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