It is hard to put into words how amazing my time here at St Andrews has been. I have made many close friends that I hope to retain for a lifetime.

Participant in St Andrews, Scotland


Scotland Study Abroad Programs

  • Capital: Edinburgh
  • Official Language: English
  • Currency: British pound (GBP)
The Stirling Castle is a great Scottish landmark that boasts history associated with legendary figures like William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots.

The Stirling Castle is a great Scottish landmark that ...

Scotland is one of the four constituent countries that make up the United Kingdom. It occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain. The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent state until May 1, 1707, when the Acts of Union, despite widespread protest across Scotland, resulted in a union with England to create the Kingdom of Great Britain. The continued independence of Scots Law, the Scottish Education System, and the Church of Scotland have all contributed to the continuation of Scottish culture and Scottish national identity.

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