Maastricht, Netherlands

Study Tours and Field Trips for Maastricht, Netherlands

Most courses offered during summer or semester will include field trips to relevant locations within and around Maastricht to complement your classroom instruction. More details will be available once you have selected your courses.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in additional study tours and field trips, with options differing between the summer and semester programs.


During block one of the six-week session, you have the option to enroll in a Study Tour for credit (4 ECTS/2 US credits). Additional fees apply; exact tour locations subject to change.

Both trips offer the opportunity to attend lectures, visit significant organizations and European institutions, and go on exciting cultural excursions—either trip is a unique way to start your summer in Europe.

Western Europe Study Tour

The Western Europe Study Tour offers students a unique opportunity to explore Western Europe from the inside out, with a focus on doing business in the EU in light of fast changing political and economic conditions. When the member countries are viewed as a whole, the European Union is one of the world's largest economies. Ongoing events like the refugee crisis and the Euro-crisis have shown us that the EU is also an ever evolving organization with many political and economic ramifications for their member states and trading partners around the world.

Gaining a better understanding of the European Union, the organizations that govern it and the companies that operate within its borders will provide you with a competitive advantage when dealing with this powerful group of nations. You will get a first hand look behind the scenes with site visits and organized lectures from policy makers, consultancy agencies and European business leaders.

The Western Europe Study Tour takes you to the most important institutions of the EU, key European businesses, and powerful financial organisations in major cities within several Western European nations:

  • Belgium
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands


Economics & Business students:

  • Introductory Microeconomics and/or Macroeconomics

Political Science & IR students:

  • Introduction to Political Science or International Relations

Advanced course work in political science, history, or economics may be substituted with permission of CES.


European Study Trip–Berlin

This 4-day trip to Berlin takes place during orientation, and provides a fascinating introduction to Europe past and present.

‘Get to Know the Netherlands’Cultural Weekend

This two-day trip takes place near the beginning of the semester, allowing you to experience multiple aspects of Dutch culture in a single weekend and preparing you to fully immerse during your semester in Maastricht.

Euregional Study Trip

The location and focus of the Euregional Study Trip will vary depending on which of the five themed academic programmes you choose. Exact locations are subject to change, but options may include:

  • Business and Economics: experience various European Union institutions such as the European Commission in Brussels or the European Central Bank in Frankfurt
  • History, Culture, and Arts: visit sites of historic and cultural significance, such as the Anne Frank house, various WWII sites in Belgium, or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
  • Politics, Law, and International Relations: attend a European Parliament session in Brussels, visit the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, or experience the International Criminal Court in the Hague
  • Psychology and Neuroscience: visit local institutions to see firsthand how mental health issues are handled in a cross-border region
  • Public Health and Medicine: discuss public health with representatives from the European Parliament or visit one of DSM Biomedical’s lab in Geleen

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Minimum GPA: 3.0

Minimum class standing: Junior (Sophomores with excellent academic qualifications will be considered)

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