Program Highlights for Osaka / Kobe, Japan

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  • Bridging Scholarship Winner Nathan Navarro Griffin Q&A

    Nathan is the recent recipient of the Bridging Scholarship and will be attending our Osaka, Japan program.  What does receiving the Bridging Scholarship mean to you? Receiving the Bridging Scholarship was a huge honor and opportunity. It was like...

  • Q&A: Kimberly Glatz – Bridging Scholar

    Kimberly Glatz from the University of South Carolina, was recently awarded the Bridging Scholarship for study abroad in Japan. She’s excited to continue her education abroad in Osaka, Japan with USAC and has already secured a job to remain...

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Fall or Year: Mar. 15

Spring: Nov. 1


Minimum GPA: 2.8

Minimum class standing: Sophomore

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