Hiroshima, Japan

It's a great location being in the middle of the Island; you can easily get to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukushima, and if you wanted Okinawa or Hokkaido. Hiroshima city itself is huge. Hiroshima University is in Saijo, about 30 minutes outside of Hiroshima so you get the best of both a small and big city.

Participant in Hiroshima, Japan


About the Hiroshima, Japan Program

  • Choose from a range of courses taught in English as well as five levels of Japanese language
  • Live in an energetic city with excellent shopping, movie theatres, restaurants, and cultural activities
  • Enjoy and learn on a relaxing campus setting surrounded by beautiful scenery
  • Join in field trips to a local towns, traditional Japanese festivals, and to beautiful islands to enjoy interacting with local people
  • Take advantage of internships available for those with a high level of Japanese proficiency

Why Study In Hiroshima?

The Hiroshima University Study Abroad Program (HUSA) offers the opportunity to study five levels of Japanese language, from beginning to advanced, at one of the most prestigious schools in Japan and is ideal for students with intermediate or advanced level of proficiency. A range of other courses taught in English from the Departments of Applied Biological Sciences; Arts and Sciences; Education; Engineering; or Economics are also available. Students whose Japanese is at an advanced level can take courses taught in Japanese in various subjects with other Japanese students. You may go for the fall semester or an entire year; however, students may not go for the spring semester only. Japan is a fascinating country rich in culture, history, and a diverse environment, the combination of which produces one of the most distinctive societies in the world.

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2017-18 App. Cycle

Fall: Closed

Yearlong: Closed

Consider applying to Nagasaki instead!


Minimum GPA: 3.0 GPA

Minimum class standing: Sophomore

Program Type



Overseas credit

Program Capacity



English | Japanese