Program Highlights for Viterbo, Italy

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  • Meet Nautilus Award Recipient & USAC Teaching Professor — Linda Lappin

    Hello readers! We are equal parts proud, inspired, and excited to share that Linda Lappin, one of our esteemed professors teaching creative writing on our Viterbo, Italy program, has received news she is the recipient of the prestigious gold medal...

  • Pictures Worth a Thousand Adventures

    Want to see what life is like around the world with USAC? If you haven’t checked out our Instagram, that’s the place to start! “Just Keep Swimming…” 🐠 📷: @taliapellegrino #australia #wherewillyougo A photo posted by...

  • Chance Encounter with Jude Law in Viterbo, Italy

    There is a great chance you’ll see many amazing things in Viterbo: Beautiful Roman architecture, and colorful culture festivals. But I bet you’d be knocked-on-your-butt stunned to meet actor Jude Law. Students were walking through town...

  • Making A Dream Reality: A Student’s Journey from Outsider to Local

    Anabel Rivas from Hunter College, and a yearlong student in USAC’s Viterbo, Italy program, wrote about her experiences studying and living in a foreign country. She describes what it was like to leave home, be welcomed into Italian culture...

  • Falling in Love with Viterbo, Italy

    Student Ellyn Hopper from University of South Carolina, Columbia wrote an article for the Tuscia Times in an online feature while participating in USAC’s study abroad location in Viterbo, Italy. In her last article Ellyn describes the value of...

  • Alumni Q&A: A Journey of Personal Growth

    Name: Kinsey Brown Program Location: Viterbo, Italy Program Term:  Fall 2013 1.    Why did you choose the program that you did? I mostly chose it because I really wanted to study in Europe, and although I had traveled in Europe, I had not been to...

  • Making Life Happen and Letting Life Happen

    Hannah Shaffer’s article from her semester in Viterbo, Italy. After hitting the snooze button twice, I reluctantly roll out of bed to get ready for class. I drag my purple slippered feet to the balcony window and pull back the floor length...

  • USAC Viterbo Professor Publishes New Mystery

    USAC Viterbo professor Linda Lappin has published a new mystery. Signatures in Stone (Caravel Books) is a novel set in Italy in the 1920s, featuring a middle-aged writer of mysteries who has a drug problem and needs to find a way to (1) kick the...

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