Program Highlights for Torino, Italy

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  • [Alumni Interview] Torino, Italy – Featuring Abby Glasgow written by Emma

    Abby Glasgow is a former USAC student, who spent her last semester of college here in the beautiful Torino. She studied in Torino during Fall 2014, taking the courses Italian language, cinema, cuisine, modern design and intercultural...

  • My Fears, My Choice to Study Abroad Post-9/11

    It was right around this same time of year. I have never been so excited or more nervous. It was finally happening. I was starting to say farewell to my friends, getting ready for finals, excited for the holidays and to see my family and friends...

  • 42 Floors of Italian Architecture

    If you’re afraid of heights, this particular post may not be for you, but isn’t that what studying abroad is partly about? Facing life’s challenges head-on? USAC’s Torino, Italy program offers a lot during your time abroad...

  • Alumni Q&A: Olivia – Torino, Italy

    Olivia Bonneville studied abroad on USAC’s Torino, Italy program in Spring 2014 and will be joining us at the USAC central office as part of our Summer Young Professionals.  Why did you choose the program that you did? I knew I wanted to go...

  • Insiders Guide to Torino: What to See, What to Do, Where to Go

    Before coming to Torino to study abroad, I truthfully did not know very much about it. Everyone has heard of Rome, Venice and Florence, but what about Torino? If I am being completely honest, I underestimated Torino. But knowledge is power, and as...

  • Alumni Q&A: Erin – Torino, Italy

    1. Why did you choose the study abroad program that you did? When I finally decided on Italy, people often asked me why. I told them “because I love Italian food!” It’s true, but it is also true that the Torino program provided me with interesting...

  • Torino Guest Speaker: Boeing Italy President

    Boeing Italy President and Boeing International Vice President, Antonio De Palmas, was a guest speaker for the USAC Torino program this month. Mr De Palmas spoke to a group of over 50 USAC students, faculty, and guests about the general aviation...

  • Alumni Q&A: One Country Just Wasn’t Enough

    Name: Jackie Laulainen Program Location:  Heredia, Costa Rica and Torino “Turin” Italy Program Term:  Year 2003-2004, Fall 2005 Q: Tell us the story of when/where you studied abroad. How you chose where you went, if what you ended up...

  • Torino, Italy – Internship: Teaching local kindergartners English

    USAC’s Torino, Italy, program has partnered with a local elementary school to provide a new internship opportunity for our students! Alyssa Nota, Torino’s Resident Director, said via email, “There are over 100 little ones to help...

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