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About the Reggio Emilia, Italy Program

  • Live and study in a charming city known for having one of the highest qualities of life in Italy. Many locals enjoy riding bikes throughout the city as part of a slow-paced lifestyle
  • Take courses in Italian language, education, health, economics, and communications at an award-winning university
  • Enjoy field trips, optional tours, and other opportunities to explore Emilia-Romagna—this culturally and naturally rich and varied region of Italy
  • Truly savor the cuisine of the region—some say the country’s best food! The region is known for parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, and more

Why Study In Reggio Emilia?

The Reggio Emilia program is ideal for students interested in studying Italian language, education, communications/media, and health/nutrition issues in a charming midsize city in north-central Italy. With fewer than 200,000 inhabitants, and an award-winning university, Reggio Emilia is a perfect location for students looking to immerse themselves in Italian culture away from crowded tourist destinations, while still being close enough to jump on a train and enjoy Italy’s magnificent sites of all kinds. This city of Roman origin, where the Italian tricolor flag was born, is rich in history, culture, and tradition.

Reggio, as it is called simply by its inhabitants, is known for having one of the highest qualities of life in Italy, and many say that it is home to the country's best food! Reggio has many vegetarian and organic restaurants and shops. Students love its active student campus life, and the community’s focus on the outdoors, environment and healthy living, whether riding a bike on the city’s 141 kilometers of bike paths or enjoying some of the city’s 31 parks.

You will enjoy strolling through the renovated city center, many cobblestone streets, and spacious piazzas where open markets are held at least three days per week. During the warmer months, restaurants and cafes spill their excitement and hospitality outdoors—setting up tables and chairs in the piazzas and on the sidewalks so you can enjoy your cappuccino or panino while admiring the centuries-old, grand architecture and beautiful people. An added advantage to Reggio Emilia is the free wifi available throughout the city!

Reggio is home to Italian pop and rock music stars Ligabue and Zucchero, and another famous son of the region was one of Italy’s most famous tenors of all time, Luciano Pavarotti. In fact, Pavarotti made his debut as a young opera star in 1961 at the Reggio Teatro Valli. The theatre is now a beautifully restored gem of the city and focal point for all who visit. The city hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year which students can attend for free or at a discounted rate, or where students can participate as volunteers or for internship credit. Highlights include: the European Photography festival, Reggio Narra, National Dance festival, numerous theatre and music performances, national volleyball, basketball, soccer and other sports events, annual marathon, and many more.

You can take courses in Italian language, health, nutrition, education, communications, economics, and media. Through a variety of field trips you will have firsthand exposure to the history, food, culture and beautiful natural surroundings of the city of Reggio Emilia and the region of Emilia-Romagna. In addition to various high-quality courses taught by local and international professors, the program includes field trips and local visits in the city and neighboring towns, countryside, coast, and nearby sites of unique interest.

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Summer I or I & II: Apr. 1

Summer II: May 1

Fall or Year: June 15

Spring: Nov. 1


Minimum GPA: 2.5

Program Capacity

Spring 2016: approaching capacity; apply soon!

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