Program Highlights for Reggio Emilia, Italy

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  • Pictures Worth a Thousand Adventures

    Want to see what life is like around the world with USAC? If you haven’t checked out our Instagram, that’s the place to start! “Just Keep Swimming…” 🐠 📷: @taliapellegrino #australia #wherewillyougo A photo posted by...

  • A Ride to Remember: A Day with Ferrari

    Pushing down the gas pedal in a Ferrari is not something you forget. Read Nicole Smith’s reflection from her day behind the steering wheel during her program in Reggio Emilia, Italy!  On 23 October, I went on a tour with USAC to the Ferrari...

  • Technology is a Useful Servant, but a Terrible Master

    Written by Amanda Bradrick, University of Nevada, Reno student studying in Reggio Emilia, Italy Spring 2015 Traveling to a different country and leaving behind comfortable faces and lifestyles can be scary.  Or so I thought. With today’s technology...

  • Course Field Trip: Reggio Emilia’s “Approach to Aging”

    A group of students studying abroad in Reggio Emilia were able to give back and learn about elderly care facilities in Italy. The students were praised for their visit to a local elderly care facility. Below is a translation of the article on the...

  • The Sights and Savors of Viano and Acetaia

    Written by Trevor Foster, a student from California State University, Chico, who studied in Reggio Emilia Spring 2015 There are three major themes that come to my mind when thinking about Italy: the distinctive cuisine types, the picturesque...

  • How to Make Homemade Pasta Italian Style

    Learning to cook fresh, handmade pasta from your host family’s Nonna (Grandma in Italiano) is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new culture and fill your tummy. [Warning] May influence your decision to study abroad in Reggio...

  • Lessons in Italian Coffee, American Style

    Being a college student, it is safe to say that I know my way around coffee. From the late night studying to the early morning work shifts, coffee has provided the necessary energy I need to be a functioning human. Imagine my relief when joining a...

  • Peaks and Lows: How to Overcome Culture Shock

    Here’s a genuinely insightful and candid account of what culture shock is like from one of our current student’s abroad! — With the introduction to a new culture come the peaks and lows of culture shock. This past fall 2014, I...

  • MAMA MIA! USAC Students Broadcast Their Experiences in Reggio Emilia

     A brand new project in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) is winning the hearts of students. Rumore University Webradio is granting a space for a broadcast from our very own USAC students every Thursday at 8...

  • Reggio Emilia, Italy – New Course Offerings & Internships!

    Reggio Emilia — our newest Italy study abroad program — continues to bloom with diverse course offerings and unique internship opportunities! Check them out below: Fall Semester 2014 Communication between the Sexes (COM, 400-level, 3...

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