Program Highlights for Cork, Ireland

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  • Alumni Q&A: Ciara – Cork, Ireland

    1. Why did you choose the study abroad program that you did? I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. My dad is Irish and I wanted to be able to go there and see a piece of my heritage. 2. What’s your best experience/memory? A friend and I...

  • A Wayward Soul – Poetic Expressions from Ireland

    A Wayward Soul I have always wanted to travel from an early age.  The combination of having moved frequently as a child, visiting my father’s relatives on the east coast, and hearing many stories about travels from various members of my family gave...

  • Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad in Cork, Ireland

    Hello, my name is Caela Provost, new US Representative to University College Cork in Ireland, and proud guest blogger for USAC! As I tend to be loquacious if given too much leeway, I am going to get started with this blog to spare all of you a...

  • New Staff at USAC Partnership Programs Add New Features and Support

    USAC Partnership programs are really outstanding opportunities for students to be enrolled directly in a foreign institution for an independent, life-changing experience. Students receive outstanding support from our partners in the International...

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Quick Details

App. Deadlines

Summer: April 1

Fall or Year: Jun. 1

Spring: Oct. 15



Minimum GPA: 2.5

Fall / Spring

Minimum GPA: 3.0

Minimum class standing: Sophomore

Program Type

Summer: Specialty

Semester: Partnership

Program Capacity

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