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Living Accommodations for Lüneburg, Germany

University Student Accommodation and Apartments

Campus Student Housing

Campus Student Housing

Some students live in the university student accommodations. More similar to shared apartments than residence halls—with private bedrooms and shared common rooms—they are either on-campus or downtown. Living in student housing provides a great opportunity to meet other students. Some students live in private apartments, shared with three to five German (and sometimes other international) students. Rental apartments generally provide everything except towels, so you should plan to bring them with you or purchase them upon arrival.


Many students live with German families. Daily breakfast plus one meal a week will be provided and in addition, students will have kitchen privileges to prepare their own meals. In some placements, students may be able to share meals with the host family for an additional fee. Every family has its own style: the transitions between private and public spaces, sharing of family life and meals will be fluid and vary from household to household. Due to summer holidays, many families are not in Lüneburg during summertime; therefore, availability of homestays during the summer program is limited.

The dining commons at the university is available to all students and is reasonably priced. All housing options are located within commuting distance of USAC classes. The city has an excellent system of public transportation, available at no cost with your Leuphana University Lüneburg student identification card. Many students choose to buy an inexpensive bicycle upon arrival and sell it at the end of the term.

Note that Summer Session II occurs during the local semester break; during this time many students travel or work outside of Lüneburg, and some rooms of the shared apartments or student accommodation may be empty.

Quick Details

2017-18 App. Cycle

Summer II (5 weeks): Contact USAC

Fall: Open

Yearlong: Open

Spring: Open

2018-19 App. Cycle

Application opens 9/1:

Summer I (5 weeks)

Summer II (5 weeks)

Summer I & II (10 wks.)


Minimum GPA: 2.5

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U.S. Credit

Program Capacity

60 students


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