I liked my host family a lot! They were very friendly and made an effort to be involved in my stay, but let me be independent as well.

Sarah Maier
University of Nevada

Participant in Lüneburg, Germany


Germany Study Abroad Programs

  • Capital: Berlin
  • Official Language: German
  • Currency: euro (EUR)
Pedestrians walk along Am SandePhoto credit: USAC Germany

Pedestrians walk along Am Sande
Photo credit: USAC Germany

Germany is known for its modern cities and pulsating nightlife as well as its enchanting medieval towns, traditional wine villages, picturesque countryside, and castles. It has one of the highest standards of living and is recognized as a scientific and technological leader.

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  • USAC Lüneburg – Fall 2013 newsletter

    Blog post created from a newsletter update sent by our Lüneburg, Germany staff. The USAC program offers a diverse collection of excursions and tours set to expand and support every student’s individual experience abroad. USAC-Germany works together...

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