Program Highlights for Pau, France

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  • A Picture Perfect Montage from Pau, France

    We received some stunning photos from the latest group of study abroad goers to live in Pau, France, and the first thought we had was, “I couldn’t imagine better time spent!” See for yourself below! Bastille Day at the university...

  • Alumni Q&A: Kari Levin — Pau, France

    Name: Kari Levin Program site/ Term: Pau, France – Spring 1996 What culture aspect about your study abroad program do you miss most? I loved meeting students from all over the world, and the caliber of my professors and the genuine interested...

  • In The Words of Madeline, “Poo, Poo!”

    Chloe is a student blogger about to set out on her study abroad adventure in Pau, France. — Bonjour and welcome to my very first blog! As many of you know I am leaving the country in 16 days to go eat, breathe, and study in Pau, France. I am...

  • Le Tour de France

    Today, a rest day, tomorrow the pedals start turning again. Le Tour De France has been testing the skill and perseverance of riders from around the world. The riders are currently enjoying a day resting in Pau, France before continuing with the...

  • Alumni Story: The Longest Way Home

    Joel Freeman, is a recent alum of our Pau, France program, and offered his thoughts of re-entry — or returning home from studying abroad — in story form, The Longest Way Home. Welcome Back Kotter The stage of happiness to be home can...

  • Alumni Q&A: Joel – Pau, France

    Name: Joel Freeman Program Location: Pau, France Program Term: Yearlong 2012 1.  Why did you choose the program that you did? I chose to go to Pau, France because I had been studying French for about 6 years and I have always been passionate about...

  • Curtain Call: USAC’s Theatre Course Engages Student Performers

    20 of USAC’s Pau, France students participated in the optional theater class at the Institute of French Studies as part of their French courses this past Fall Semester.  At the end of the course, they performed entirely in French in front of a large...

  • USAC Students Learn About Field Horses in Pau!

    The Chamber of Commerce in Pau, with the help of USAC student and intern Alex Stavropoulos (from Loyola University, Chicago) organized a free educational outing for any USAC students interested in horse racing and training. Pau is one of the six...

  • An Alumni Interview: Pau, France and Self-Realization

    Name: Claudia Ochoa Program Location: Pau, France Program Term: Spring 2013 1. Why did you choose the program that you did? I chose to study in Pau, France because of the intense language courses offered at this program. Before studying abroad I had...

  • The Origins of USAC

    A letter written by Carmelo Urza, the founder of USAC in 2011 while celebrating 30 years of introducing students to the Basque Country, culture, and languages. By 1980 the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and Boise State University (BSU) had both...

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