Host University for Lyon, France

L’Université Lumière Lyon 2, or University of Lyon 2, was created in 1973 and specializes in subjects such as humanities, language, and law. The university has two campuses: the Berges de Rhône campus is situated on the banks of the Rhône River and the Portes des Alpes campus is located closer to the city center. Your language courses and the majority of your electives will be held on the Berges de Rhône campus. This is a more traditional campus with historic buildings and green lawns. If you enroll in additional courses through the university, they may be held on the Portes des Alpes campus. This campus has more modern facilities including a large sports center. A tram runs between the two campuses for the convenience of students.

The university has a vibrant student life with frequent cultural events and activities, including concerts on the lawn, student theatre performances, and art exhibits. You can get involved in a number of sporting activities or student organizations. These provide great opportunities to meet French students and practice your language skills in a more natural environment. Clubs on campus hold events such as free movie nights, student debates, and volunteer days.

Quick Details

App. Deadlines

Summer: May 1

Fall or Year: June 15

Spring: Nov. 1



Minimum GPA: 2.5, one year of college-level French if studying French; no language prerequisite for Art History


Minimum GPA: 2.5, one year of college-level French

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