England Study Abroad Programs

  • Capital: London
  • Language: English
  • Currency: British pound (GBP)

England is among the world's most influential centers of cultural development. It is the place of origin of the English language and the Church of England, and English law forms the basis of the legal systems of many countries. It was also the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

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  • What’s on Your Bucket List? Round 3.

    We’re well on our way checking off items from our Bucket List as we follow our USAC students around the world with their studies. So far we’ve been on some surfing adventures in Australia and snuggled with pandas in China. So what’s on the list next...

  • Alumni Story: Brighton Alumna Constance

    I studied in Brighton, UK in 2012 and recently returned to the London for a brief visit. While there, I marveled at the wealth of experiences I’d had just two years ago, but the most exciting part was the knowledge gained for getting around...

  • New Staff at USAC Partnership Programs Add New Features and Support

    USAC Partnership programs are really outstanding opportunities for students to be enrolled directly in a foreign institution for an independent, life-changing experience. Students receive outstanding support from our partners in the International...

  • USAC London: A Day Trip to Greenwich

    USAC London semester students ventured on a day trip to Greenwich for the first time this fall. 14 students were in attendance. The day included a tour of Maritime Greenwich, Royal Observatory, Greenwich Market and dinner. Since it was so...

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