Program Highlights for Prague, Czech Republic

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  • Meet Our 2016 Summer Young Professionals

    We’ve had our Summer Young Professionals in our offices, learning the ropes, working behind-the-scenes, and much more since their arrival, and it’s only the beginning! Here are our newest Summer Young Professionals hanging out with us at...

  • Sisters in Prague

    You know how siblings can be a bit pushy, overly protective, and even downright rude to their siblings? Well, that may be the case most times, but this isn’t one. Meet Jamie and Courtney Weisman, two sisters who both share an experience and...

  • Sisters in Prague: Jamie Weisman

    Jamie Weisman — Prague, Czech Republic: Why did you decide to study abroad? Growing up I always had a passion for learning about different cultures and countries that made me always dream about one day traveling the world. Our mother always...

  • Sisters in Prague: Courtney Weisman

    Courtney Weisman — Prague, Czech Republic: Why did you decide to study abroad? The main reason I wanted to study abroad was the have the opportunity to travel as much as possible while still being semi-productive. Before studying abroad, the...

  • Saying Goodbye to Home and Hello to Prague

    Have you ever had the unshakable feeling that things were about to be very different? Adam Henig, USAC Alumni, recently shared his experience from 12 years ago on his way to live and study abroad in Prague, Czech Republic by way of Chico...

  • Prague’s Invisible Exhibition: See Without Sight

    Can you imagine exploring the world around you by only touch, sound and scent? Kendall Odom from UC Santa Barbara shared her “invisible” experience and how eye-opening it can be to see without sight. The main part of the exhibition was...

  • Exploring Culture and Self-Identification

    When finals are over and the end of the semester nears, it’s hard to think about anything but the upcoming break. However, for USAC Prague alum, Claire Dobransky (Grove City College), her final project may be on our mind for quite some time....

  • Prague Ranks in Global Destination Cities Index for 2014

    A recent update from our Prague Program Advisor, Jordan, to students a few weeks away from their study abroad adventure in the Czech Republic. Ahoj students, I hope you have been enjoying your summer, as I’m sure you are busy finalizing everything...

  • USAC: Olympics in Prague!

    Ahoj Readers! How many of you would love to experience the Olympics firsthand? We know the world’s attention is turned to Sochi, Russia for the Olympic Games, but the Czech Republic has found a fun and unique way to bring the Olympics to life in...

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