From witnessing religious ceremonies that exist only in one Cuban village, to viewing world-class art at “El Museo de Bellas Artes,” the things I saw in Cuba taught me more about the world than any textbook that I’ve read to date.

Daniel Coffey
University of Nevada

Participant in La Habana, Cuba


Cuba Study Abroad Programs

  • Capital: La Habana
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Cuban pesos (CUC)
The beach combined with the close proximity of buildings to the ocean gives Cuba a dazzling landscape.  Photo credit: Sarah Helmes

The beach combined with the close proximity of buildings to the ocean gives Cuba a dazzling landscape.
Photo credit: Sarah Helmes

The largest Caribbean island, Cuba was a key geographical and social area in the colonial Americas—offering large agriculturally rich areas, many bays, and a desirable location in the Caribbean for trade. Its history from Spanish colonial times to its time as an American territory, to independence and revolution, to the present-day authoritarian government illustrates the impact of both slavery and imperialism. Physically close but politically isolated from the United States, Cuba was also pivotal in the twentieth-century events impacting the US, from the Spanish-American War to the Cuban Missile Crisis. As a result, Cuba has maintained a cultural and mythic presence in the history of the US and surrounding region. One of the last bastions of communism, Cuba’s rich history, intriguing modern events and society, and unfolding future make it a fascinating place to live and study.

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