Program Highlights for San Ramón, Costa Rica

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  • Pre-grad Graduation!

    ‘Tis the season of Spring Commencement! We’re endlessly impressed by our well-traveled scholars, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing a lot of to-be graduates being honored across the globe. Just in from our San Ramón, Costa Rica...

  • Costa Rica Then (1998) and Now

    Michelle, currently studying abroad on our San Ramón, Costa Rica program, had spent part of her childhood living in Costa Rica, now she’s back reliving old memories and creating new ones. My mother, Becky Marks, and I spent the Fall Semester...

  • 90 Hour Hospital Internship in Costa Rica

    Did you know during Colonial times, men did not regularly attend childbirths? (Though, some men today would still rather not.) Which is one reason why a midwife would be in attendance to assist and support women in child labor in lieu of the father....

  • USAC Celebrates 20 Years in Costa Rica

    In some places you’ll find that we’ve been there for years and even decades. Costa Rica is no exception ringing in 20 years of providing USAC students with tropical rain forests, beautiful deserts, lively cities, colorful culture, and...

  • First Week Impression: San Ramón, Costa Rica!

    Blog entry by Bridget Woolery Friday marks a week since I arrived in San Ramón, Costa Rica!This country has so many adventures to offer, and I cannot wait to get started with my first big adventure to Fiestas Palmares this weekend. There will be a...

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Summer I or I & II: Apr. 1

Summer II: May 1

Fall or Year: June 15

Spring: Nov. 1


Minimum GPA: 2.5

Preference Given: Health and Science Majors

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