Program Highlights for Heredia, Costa Rica

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  • Costa Rica Then (1998) and Now

    Michelle, currently studying abroad on our San Ramón, Costa Rica program, had spent part of her childhood living in Costa Rica, now she’s back reliving old memories and creating new ones. My mother, Becky Marks, and I spent the Fall Semester...

  • USAC Celebrates 20 Years in Costa Rica

    In some places you’ll find that we’ve been there for years and even decades. Costa Rica is no exception ringing in 20 years of providing USAC students with tropical rain forests, beautiful deserts, lively cities, colorful culture, and...

  • A USAC Salsera Lost in Heredia

    “Para bailar la cumbia tica…” Written by Crystal Powell – University of Nevada, Reno student studying in Heredia, Costa Rica – Spring 2015. “Costa Ricans like to jump a lot,” I thought, slipping atop the linoleum in my three-inch salsa heels....

  • Staying Physically Fit While Abroad

    Studying abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica has been one of best and most incredible experiences I have had in my life. Last year, in June of 2014, I completed my first marathon and that was when I knew I had a passion for running. I was unsure if I...

  • Wait, Can I Still Apply?

    Update: November 24, 2014: We’ve reached the point in the season when even programs that could accept late applications are now closed for Spring 2015. Consult for the most...

  • Alumni Q&A: Fresh Coconuts, Monkey Alarms & Costa Rican Culture

    Name: Haley Tucker Program Attended: Heredia, Costa Rica Program Term: Fall 2012 1. Why did you choose the program that you did? I chose to go to Costa Rica because I’m a huge fan of the outdoors, I love nice warm weather, and I adore beaches....

  • Alumni Q&A: Last Minute Decision, Lifetime of Memories and Friends

    Q&A with Danielle Watson – San Ramón, Costa Rica Alumna. 1. Why did you choose the program that you did? The decision to study abroad was rather last-minute. I thought it wasn’t possible for me to go anywhere because of my major, and...

  • Heredia Professor Gustavo Chaves Publishes Novel

    USAC Heredia professor Gustavo Chaves is a poet and storyteller who recently published a novel, Diario de Finisterre. The novel is told as though a discovered diary, trying to reconstruct the story of what actually happened. It is based, in part, on...

  • Alumni Q&A: One Country Just Wasn’t Enough

    Name: Jackie Laulainen Program Location:  Heredia, Costa Rica and Torino “Turin” Italy Program Term:  Year 2003-2004, Fall 2005 Q: Tell us the story of when/where you studied abroad. How you chose where you went, if what you ended up...

  • Alumni Q&A: Life in Heredia, Costa Rica

    Name: Aaron Hoisington Program Location: Heredia, Costa Rica Program Term: Fall 2011- Spring 2012 1.    Why did you choose the program that you did? I wanted to learn Spanish and study in a location for a full year. Costa Rica was affordable and...

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