Chengdu, China

Activities for Chengdu, China

Students are welcome to participate in all university activities, including sports and events, as well as city-wide activities in the community—celebrations for the Chinese New Year, annual conventions, and special events. Informal social events are also planned, including meals out as a group and other outings throughout the city. These activities are optional and usually only have a nominal expense (for example, the price of a meal).

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

  • Participate in an internship during the semester
  • Practice Chinese with new friends and language partners or volunteer at English/Chinese Corner
  • Join in and help at “senior citizen college” in workshops that include music (traditional instruments or singing), Chinese painting, and dance
  • Learn Chinese Gongfu
  • Visit historical sites through the city
  • Take courses with local students (if you speak Chinese at a very advanced level)

You are also encouraged to participate in the opportunities listed below.

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