Chengdu, China

On-Site Staff for Chengdu, China

Students meeting in the USAC office

Students meeting in the USAC office

The Chengdu program has a Resident Director who is responsible for the USAC office abroad and the overall operations of the program: securing appropriate student housing, hiring outstanding faculty, organizing exciting field trips and optional tours as well as overseeing your general well-being. Wentao Song, a Chinese native, is the Resident Director for the Chengdu program and is a thirteen-year veteran of USAC. She earned a Master’s degree from Sichuan University and is fluent in Chinese and English. She will meet the group flight at the airport, take you to your housing, and provide the mandatory on-site orientation and assistance while you are on the program. Program assistants include Jiajing Zhu and Guo Wei, a USAC Chinese language instructor who works part time as an assistant in the USAC office. She has been with USAC for several years. They help and support students on a daily basis.

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2017-18 App. Cycle

Fall and Yearlong: Late application may be possible. Contact USAC

Spring: Open

2018-19 App. Cycle

Application opens 9/1:

Summer I (5 weeks)

Summer II (4 weeks)

Summer I & II (9 weeks)


Minimum GPA: 2.5

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