Chengdu, China

Host University for Chengdu, China

Cool off near the fountains.Photo credit: USAC China

Cool off near the fountains.
Photo credit: USAC China

USAC classes and offices are located on the campus of Southwest University for Nationalities. In addition to the Han people that make up 93% of China, there are also minorities, such as Tibetans, Yi, Miao, Russians, Koreans, and others. These minorities are dispersed throughout China, but live mainly in the border regions of north, northeast, northwest, and southwest China. Southwest University for Nationalities is one of the universities specially designed for these Chinese minorities.

Southwest University for Nationalities.Photo credit: USAC China

Southwest University for Nationalities.
Photo credit: USAC China

Founded in 1951, Southwest University for Nationalities has over 20,000 students from all 55 ethnic groups as well as Han. USAC is located on its oldest campus in the heart of Chengdu, surrounded by the Tibetan area of the city. Nearby you can find arts and crafts of the various minority groups in the unique shops. Many small restaurants with various Sichuan and Tibetan flavors also surround the campus. Southwest University for Nationalities and its surrounding neighborhood is an ideal setting for students to participate in Chinese social life and experience its diversity.

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