Money Matters

Having the opportunity to live and study in a different country is so much more enriching and fulfilling than visiting and seeing the top tourist attractions. It give you the chance to really submerge yourself in the culture and embrace the different customs you're exposed to.

Belen Figueroa-Cazares
University of Nevada

Participant in Bangalore, India


Financing Your Study Abroad

As a non-profit group of US universities, USAC strives to provide you with the most affordable, quality programs possible. If you do need assistance with obtaining scholarships and financial aid, USAC will work with your home university’s study abroad, international programs and financial aid offices. USAC itself offers many scholarships and in some cases, may be able to set up a payment plan for you. We are dedicated to getting you abroad and will work with you as much as possible to make your study abroad a reality.

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