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Can I Still Apply?

This page is your resource to check on:

Late Admission Period

When applicable, you will find programs that are open for late applications noted here. (Contact USAC prior to applying online to discuss student visa requirements and late application timeline.)

Program Capacity

As programs fill or approach capacity, you'll see updates noted below. It is in your best interest to apply earlier rather than later. Programs that reach capacity may close prior to the published closing date.

Summer 2017 Filling Quickly (Apply Now!)

  • Netherlands: Maastricht
  • New Zealand: Hawke's Bay - Agriculture & Environment
  • Seoul: Yonsei

Fall 2017 Filling Quickly (Apply Now!)

  • Netherlands: The Hague
  • Norway: Oslo

Programs Accepting to Waitlist

Program is currently at capacity but this can change day to day. Students accepted to a waitlist will be placed as spots become available. (Contact USAC prior to applying online.)

Fall 2017 Accepting to Waitlist

  • Czech Republic: Prague
  • Seoul: Yonsei

Spring 2018 Accepting to Waitlist

  • Seoul: Yonsei

Last updated: 18 February 2017